Mangi among leaders threatening to take legal action against arrests

Feb, 17th 2021 – Kisii Deputy governor Joash Mangi, Mugirango south MP Sylvanus Osoro, and former Mayor, Samuel Omwando are threatening to take legal action over their arrest during the burial of former cabinet Minister Simeone Nyachae.

The leaders claimed that they were harassed and embarrassed and yet the police did not finally prefer any charges against them. The trio is citing its association with Deputy President William Ruto as the source of their troubles.  

Mangi said, “We must file suit, we must sue the state. We must sue whoever was responsible for our arresting us when we were peacefully going to receive our friend.”

Omwando said, “We cannot allow intimidations. We chose independently to stand with the Deputy President who loves people.”

Mangi was arrested as he was waiting for the Deputy President who was expected at the burial of the late Simeon Nyachae. An aide close to Mangi said that detectives ordered Mangi to enter the vehicle before they left for the CID offices in Kisii town.

According to the aide, no reason was given for the arrest. He said, “We don’t know why they arrested him. They did not give a reason why they were picking him for, they only told him to enter their car before they left to Central Police Station where they are interrogating him.”

Osoro was allegedly lured out of the ceremony by detectives in civilian cloths as the service was ongoing. It is also alleged that the three were arrested to prevent chaos at the ceremony.

Kisii County Police Commander Jebel Munene after the arrests said, “This is a presidential function. Nobody will be allowed to cause chaos.”

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