Kenya needs USD 67 billion to mitigate and adapt to climate change

Feb,16th 2021 Environment Principal Secretary Chris Kiptoo says the funding is will be key over the next 1 years in order to mitigate and adapt successfully.

Speaking in a briefing ahead of the United Nations Environment Assembly to be held in Nairobi, Kiptoo expounded the country’s need to rehabilitate water catchment areas that has been encroached over the years and also conserve and restore its wetlands.

He also pointed the mountain of restoration of the degraded forest where the government is panning to plant two billion seedlings .

He further expressed disappointment of the high budget needed despite Kenya being responsible of a negligible percentage of carbon emission.

The ministry is planning to us biodegradable paper to hold the seedlings in order to avoid the one use plastic bags which were banned four years ago.

The seedlings are meant to boost the quest to hit the ten percent forest cover. Kiptoo revealed that currently Kenya has forest cover of 7.2 .

The government through NEMA has also warned of intensified crackdown of those using plastic bags of hefty fines and jail term.

Speaking at the same briefing UNEP deputy executive director and assistant secretary general Joyce Msuya sad the assembly that will be held from 21 to 23 February , will focus on making peace with nature in climate change and address chemical pollution.

She also lauded the decision by the US to return to the Paris climate accord .

US President Joe Biden signed the return days after taking office that see the US rejoin the international effort to curb the dangerous heating of the planet.

US which is the world’s second largest emitter of greenhouse gases was withdrawn from the Paris deal under Donald Trump.

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