An Economic revamp for Kenya with the US?

Feb 12th 2021- The United States Chamber of Commerce is urging President Biden to seal a new trade deal with Kenya, which was initiated by his predecessor Donald Trump.

Key US lawmaker heading crucial legislative committee charged with matters related to international trade and the negotiation and implementation of reciprocal agreements has backed the proposed deal with Kenya.

Mr Richard Neal, a congressman in Joe Biden’s government and head of the Ways & Means Committee of Congress , said he is confident negotiations for the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) trade pact which was initiated former President Donald Trump will be concluded.

“I’m hopeful that they can be completed, moving on to a bilateral trade agreement with the UK makes a good deal of sense. We also have had extensive discussions with Kenya.” said congressman Richard Neal when asked about talks with Kenya and the UK in an online forum hosted by the Washington International Trade Association.

Mr. Richard’s comments come after a similar vote of confidence in the pact by the United States Chamber of Commerce. The United States Chamber of Commerce want the ongoing negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) between the two nations concluded fast to pave the way for uptake of business and investment opportunities in the country.

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