Senate Speaker Lusaka approves Kangata’s removal as Majority party Whip

Feb, 10th 2021 – The Senate speaker Ken Lusaka has approved the removal of Irungu Kangata as majority party whip. In a communication to the Senate, Lusaka said that he was satisfied that due process was followed.

He said, “I am satisfied that the change was made in accordance with Standing Order 195 and meets the threshold required. I wish to communicate to the House that the majority party has effected changes in the office of Senate majority whip which shall now take effect. The officeholder is now senator Kimani Wamatangi.”

The ruling by Lusaka attracted opposition led by Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot who maintained that the removal of Kang’ata was unfair.

He said, “What I find to be an insult to us as leaders is something that we have allowed to be perpetuated for long is this issue where a small group of mendarance sit somewhere and just lead other press conferences and say from today, senator Mutula Kilonzo seizes to be this or that.

He added, “It’s very unfortunate. So I plead with my colleagues that at some point let us have this candid discussion about how do we ensure that we as members of Parliament determine leadership in this house.”

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo junior however dismissed Cheruiyot and other Jubilee rebel Senators saying that that they were part of other irregular legislation passed in the senate.

Whilst you are feeling the pain of some of the decisions that have been made, just advise that some of the things that we raise on the floor, even if they are from the minority side. And you can see how stable we are.”

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