Junet mohammed under attack on remarks against Senator Mwaura

Feb, 8th 2021 – A section of people living with disabilities including those with albinism have condemned Suna East Member of Parliament Junet Mohamed on claims that nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura bleached his skin to benefit from political nominations.

Speaking during a press conference on Sunday, people living with disabilities termed Junet’s remarks as unfortunate They are calling on him to apologize and henceforth respect everyone regardless of their physical appearance.

They said, “He should withdraw his remarks and apologize if at all he deserves the title honourable member of parliament. His comments we uncalled for and are painful and demeaning to all of us who have albinism.”

Junet speaking at a rally in Turkana said, “It seems he bleached himself so he could secure himself nomination to the National Assembly first through the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), then Jubilee and now he has decamped to the Wheelbarrow movement.”

The group urged political leaders to be wary of what they utter in public saying that political differences should not lead to hostile remarks about their opposing mates.

They said, “To insinuate that Senator Mwaura bleached his skin in order to get nominated to parliament is not only discrimination on the basis of colour and disability, but also is to incite members of the public against them especially little innocent children in school who have to endure a lot of ridicule from peers and members of the community.”

Junet through his twitter account apologized to the group saying that the comment was not to the whole group but a direct message to Mwaura. He said, “I want to apologize to people born with albinism. My comments in no way reflect my opinions of them as upstanding citizens of our county. My comments were directed at the rotten character of Isaac Mwaura who exploits his disability for personal gain and incitement of violence.”

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