BBI seeks to enrich old fashion politics, says Karua

Feb, 1st 2021 – Narc- Kenya Leader Martha Karua says the Building Bridges Initiative, seeks to return and entrench an old fashioned model of politics, that Kenyans have experienced every election period.

She said, “It is bribery in return for the assemblies’ pledge to close their eyes on contentious issues and pass an unnecessary document.”

Speaking at the Linda Katiba Launch with a number of delegates, she said, the social contract as summarized in the 2010 constitution is under significant threat and is being violated by the BBI proposals. She added, “The infamous BBI must no longer be made a preserve for a few in state-driven meetings, people must be provided with copies of the document.”

Karua further said, the priorities of Kenyans, are captured in the current constitution, and only need to be implemented.

Karua said, “We are the majority, some 50 million Kenyans. Do not show us the five million signatures you collected. Please Mr President we respect you and don’t try to tell us what we will do after you complete your term in 2022.”

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