PS Kibicho records statement with DCI on Sonko’s allegations

Jan, 26th 2021 – Interior principal secretary Karanja Kibicho now says he will sue former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko for alleged character assassination.

Speaking after recording a statement at the DCI headquarters, Kibicho said the allegations made by Sonko on his character on the happenings after the 2017 general election must be substantiated.

He said, “Sonko shall give me answers if there is law in this country. Where we were with him all the manner of things he has said against me. He shall prove one by one.”

He added, “I have asked them to take the shortest time possible and ensure that I also get justice like every other Kenyan. I can assure you, I don’t start something that I don’t finish.”

Kibicho added that Sonko must also be ready to defend himself after openly admitting to committing a crime. Sonko on Sunday said that he and together with other government officials framed the ODM party for violence that rocked part of the capital after the general election in 2017.

Sonko has fired back at Kibicho saying he has evidence of his claims and made more allegations on what some government officials planned to do to then opposition fire brand Raila Odinga.

Sonko said, “We are now seeing the deep state burning cars to paint hustlers in bad light. I want to confess and say this; in 2017 when ODM was holding demonstrations in Nairobi, Kibicho, I and other members of the deep state printed ODM T-shirts and bought old second hand vehicles and burnt then along Ngong road to make it appear like the party was behind the move.”

Sonko then said that he was ready to record a statement with the DCI and provide the evidence. He said, “Throughout my public life, I have never made any allegations that I cannot substantiate. I, therefore, look forward to an invitation from the DCI to record my statement, and for the PS to move to court quickly so I can table all the evidence I have.”

He then dared Mr. Kibicho to file a suit against him. He said, “The time has come to fix this country and dismantle the so-called deep State that keeps misusing leaders to mobilize the youth for them.”

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