Nadia Mukami Slams Pastor Kanyari Over Controversial TikTok Gift Stunt During Church Service

Nadia Mukami is the latest celebrity to criticize Pastor Kanyari after he was given condoms, Arimis, and panty liners by a female TikToker during a church service. This event took place on Sunday, with Rish Kamunge, another admirer of Kanyari, also present.

Nadia expressed her displeasure after seeing the video. As a mother, she called for limitations on content creation, stressing the need to respect God and religion.

“That Pastor Kanyari video is cringe!!Kuna limits ya madhabahu. Hii content creation iwe na mipaka jamani. If not for the respect of the church and our religion, but for the fear of God! Madhabahu hayachezewi!!” she wrote.

Many content creators and netizens have voiced their disappointment and anger towards Pastor Kanyari and the content creators he is associated with, arguing that their actions do not reflect those of a true man of God.

Some have criticized his behavior, stating that he is misleading his congregation, including minors who are being exposed to adult content.

Lydia Wanjiru, a digital creator, also called out Pastor Kanyari, claiming that if he wants to be a content creator, he should stop being a pastor.

She said that the things Kanyari is doing are attracting curses as he playing with God’s name.

She added that such people deserved to be beaten till they stopped what they were doing.

Another netizen Elvis Oniango, went ahead and issued a complaint through a letter to the Kenya Film Board on the issue of Kanyari’s content on TikTok.

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