Kivuva urges stakeholders to partner with govt to resolve teachers stalemate

Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Mombasa  Martin Kivuva has urged various stakeholders to partner with the government to resolve the cash crisis in the education sector pointing out the striking JSS Intern teachers.

According to Kivuva the interns woos have been overlooked despite their spirited efforts to ensure learning is underway in the Junior secondary schools

Additionally he urged the govt to increase salaries for public servants in the wake of high taxations.

The JSS intern teachers strike  which is in the second week was prompted after having served for two years and have demanded to be confirmed into permanent and pensionable terms, with their leadership asking the teachers not to report to schools as interns, as it would be deemed an illegality by the courts, which ruled the programme unlawful.

In a court ruling on April 17, 2024, Justice Bryrum Ongaya of the Employment and Labour Relations Court, stated that TSC violated the intern teachers’ right to fair labor practice, saying they should be employed to meet the optimal staffing needs in public schools.

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