Love, Faith, and Comedy: Ringtone’s Quest for the Perfect Match

Chairman of the gospel music industry, Ringtone Apoko, has suggested that Dem wa Facebook is his ideal woman, but he sees a significant flaw: she is not devout in her faith. Ringtone expressed that he cannot commit to her because she is what he describes as a “roaming sinner.”

“If you were a devout Christian, I would consider it. But now, the issue is that you don’t love God, you’re a shining sinner,” Ringtone conveyed to her. In her defense, Dem wa Facebook acknowledged her love for God as the savior of her life. She pleaded with Ringtone to marry her, promising to improve once they are married.

“You won’t change,” Ringtone rebutted. Dem wa Facebook admitted that she has feelings for him and has been losing sleep over him, but Ringtone insisted he doesn’t want her.

Ringtone suggested that Dem wa Facebook would be better suited for Comedian Oga Obinna, noting their apparent resemblance, presumably from spending considerable time together.

Meanwhile, Ringtone outlined the qualities he desires in a wife: a devout woman who can bear seven children, pray for seven hours, and have a deep love for God, much like Dem wa Facebook. He emphasized his preference for a woman who resembles Dem wa Facebook.

“The chairman wants a traditional woman who can bear seven children, with behavior like mine because I am unique. I am a woman who enjoys going out. Ladies who desire a spouse, he should be wealthy, own houses; it’s not just a husband,” Dem wa Facebook reiterated.

Additionally, Ringtone admitted to having no children out of wedlock.

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