Stephen Letoo’s Wedding: Surprises, Lions, and Rainy Honeymoon

Stephen Letoo, the senior political reporter for Citizen TV, expressed mixed feelings about his recent wedding held at the Ole Ntimama stadium.

Despite setting up space for only 10,000 guests in tents, the turnout exceeded his expectations, filling the stadium. Letoo admitted feeling both happy and embarrassed by the unexpected crowd, wishing he had prepared better for the overflow, particularly in terms of cleanliness.

Additionally, Letoo declined a honeymoon offer from EALA MP David Sankok, citing the current cold and rainy weather in Narok County. He humorously remarked that he didn’t want his wife to be surprised by the cold weather, preferring to save such a destination for a future honeymoon once the rainy season passes.

Letoo’s wedding attracted attention due to speculation about his support for polygamy, but he clarified that he was marrying only one wife.

The highlight of the event was a unique lion-shaped wedding cake, which cost Kshs150,000 and was created by three bakers from Palsey Cakes and Pastries. Despite the high cost and complexity of the cake, it was transported safely from Nairobi to Narok for the occasion.

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