South Africa Marks 21 Consecutive Days Without Power Cuts

South Africa has achieved a remarkable feat, enjoying 21 consecutive days without power cuts, marking the first time such a sustained period has been witnessed in nearly two years.

In a statement released on Wednesday, state-owned power company Eskom noted that the last time a similar milestone was reached was back in June 2022, when the nation experienced 20 consecutive days without load shedding.

“The last time Eskom achieved a similar milestone was in June 2022, with 20 consecutive days without load shedding,” state-owned power company Eskom said in a statement on Wednesday.

Eskom further announced its intention to continue the suspension of power cuts, locally referred to as load shedding, “until further notice.” This unprecedented streak is attributed to a combination of factors, including decreased electricity demand, sufficient emergency power reserves, and enhancements in electricity generation capacity.

However, amidst the celebrations, some South Africans have expressed skepticism on social media platforms, suggesting that the reduction in power cuts could be a strategic move by the ruling government to garner favor with voters ahead of the upcoming general election next month.

South Africa grappled with a severe energy crisis last year, during which many households and businesses endured power outages lasting up to 16 hours a day.

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