Controversial Pastor Kanyari Sparks Outrage with Unconventional Requests in TikTok Live

In a recent TikTok live session, controversial pastor Victor Kanyari has once again stirred controversy by
making unconventional requests from his followers, sparking outrage and debate across social media

During the live session, Pastor Kanyari was captured on video asking for gifts in a rather unusual manner,
stating, “Naskia hapa hawatumi sadaka, tumeni maua, tumeni Lion na mtume kofia” (I hear they don’t
send offerings here, send flowers, send Lion, and Apostle hat). This unexpected appeal has left many
scratching their heads and questioning the motives behind such requests.

The video quickly went viral, drawing criticism from various quarters, with many condemning the pastor
for what they perceive as a blatant misuse of his platform. Some social media users expressed concern
that such behavior could potentially exploit his followers and undermine the integrity of religious

This is not the first time Pastor Kanyari has found himself embroiled in controversy. In 2014, he faced
public scrutiny after being exposed for allegedly engaging in fake miracles and deceiving his
congregation for financial gain.

As reactions continue to pour in, the incident has reignited discussions about the role of religious
leaders in society and the need for transparency and accountability within religious organizations. Many
are calling for a thorough investigation into Pastor Kanyari’s activities and urging authorities to take
appropriate action if any wrongdoing is found.

Meanwhile, Pastor Kanyari has yet to respond to the backlash, leaving many wondering what his next move will be amidst the growing scrutiny surrounding his conduct.

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