state triples Petroleum Regulatory Levy

The prices of Petrol, Kerosene and diesel could surge following the upsurge of the Petroleum Regulatory Levy by three times from Sh0.25 to Sh0.75 per liter.

The decrease in prices announced on February 14 came as a relief for Kenyans but the increase in the Petroleum Levy could cancel out the gains.

According to a statement issued by EPRA the new prices for Super Petrol, Diesel, and Kerosene are Sh206.36, Sh 195.47, and Sh 193.23, respectively.

Taxes and levies constituted 38.17 per cent of the price of super petrol, 34.31 per cent of the price of diesel and 31.97 per cent of the price of ​kerosene.

“The Energy Act (Petroleum Regulation Levy) Order, 2018 is revoked,” the CS said.

This is the  first time the levy is  being reviewed in six years as the last review was done in June 2018

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