Riots erupt in Senegal after President Sall put off polls

Riot police in Senegal have fired tear gas outside parliament in the capital Dakar, as crowds tried to gather to protest against the postponement of the presidential election.

MPs are due to debate a bill that would reschedule the poll for six months.

Earlier the government cut access to the internet on mobile phones, to try to prevent what it called the dissemination of hateful messages and threats of disturbances.

President Macky  Sall announced he was delaying this month’s election because of a dispute about the eligibility of candidates.

Former Prime Minister and opposition candidate Aminata Tour√©, who was arrested during the Sunday protest, confirmed in an online post that she’s been released.

Another opposition candidate Daouda Ndiaye said he was attacked by police. 

In a post online, he announced that he has been hospitalized but reiterated the call for an election on 25 February.

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