KCPF announces plans of defending The Family through an amendment bill

In the light of recent attacks against the family including the draft bill that seeks to de-criminalize prostitution and the Supreme court judgment that allows registration of the LGBTQ community in the country, The Kenya Christian Professional Forum has drafted a bill that seeks to amend the constitution so as to strengthen the basic unit of the society.

While launching the second edition of the state of Life, Family and Faith for 2023/2024, the chairman of the forum Charles Kanjama has called on members of the public to contribute to the bill through public participation.

According to Kanjama, the bill will fill the gaps in among others, adding the definition of sex in article 260 of the constitution in a bid to stop the identification of members of the LGBTQ community through orientation.

“The Forum is almost done with drafting the ‘Hifadhi Jamii’ amendment Bill of 2023 that seeks to uphold the four pillars of the Christian Professional Forum by protecting, defending and protecting the family unit. The amendment bill wishes to make changes in articles 2,10,24,26,32,34 and 260 of the constitution of Kenya.”

On the launch of the report, Advocate Kanjama noted that pornography, promiscuity, homosexuality and single parenthood are posing a great threat to the family unit in the country leading to dwindling numbers as compared to neighboring countries

”Today the family institution faces numerous threats including but not limited to infidelity, alcoholism and drug abuse, domestic violence, divorce and separation, cohabitation, teenage pregnancies, and the LGBTQ movement. Of all the listed factors, domestic violence occasioned by rising levels of stress, financial difficulties and a myriad of other challenges continues to be a leading factor undermining the family institution, especially since majority of these abuses, physical and sexual, are perpetrated by intimate partners and close relatives.””

Also present at the launch were representatives from  the Social protection ministry who were appreciated by  Kanjama for adopting the family promotion and protection policy late in October.

” The Family Policy will go a long way towards promoting peaceful coexistence and a society that is values driven. We pledge our commitment to support and monitor its implementation. We will also provide periodic updates on the progress, gains, and challenges to enrich its success.” Kanjama concluded.

Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF) brings together Christian Professionals from various denominations sharing common values on Life, Family, Religion, Value-Based Education & Governance.

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