Boy in Spain survives flood waters holding on a tree overnight

A boy survived deadly floods in Spain by climbing up a tree and holding on to it overnight.

The authorities said his family’s car had been swept into a river and the boy’s father was still missing.

Reports say the 10-year-old was being treated for hypothermia and should be out of danger.

Police say at least three people have died and another three are missing as record rainfall caused flooding in central Spain.

Bridges were torn down and roads turned into rivers of mud in the heaviest-hit regions southwest of Madrid.

In a rural part of this area, the boy’s family had been trying to escape the floods when their car was dragged into the river, the head of the Madrid region, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, said.

“The poor boy spent the whole night perched in a tree,” she said.

Spain’s civil guard police force said the boy’s mother and sister had been found, but rescue services were still looking for his father near Aldea de Fresno.

Several subway lines in central Madrid that had been closed due to the flooding were re-opened for service later on Monday. Suspended high-speed train connections between the capital and the southern region of Andalusia also resumed. 

The weather service AEMET lowered its alert level for the Madrid region to yellow, down from a maximum red alert on Sunday. It said the storm was moving away from the country late Monday.

Spain, along with much of Southern Europe, has endured an intense heatwave this summer.

Climate scientists have warned that global warming means more water evaporating during the summer, leading to more intense storms.

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