Gabon army overthrows President Bongo over his re-election

Gabon army officers during their televised speech, [Photo: AfricaNews]

Army officers dubbed The Committee of transition and restoration of institutions have appeared on national television in Gabon to say they have taken power.

They said they were annulling the results of Saturday’s election, in which President Ali Bongo was declared the winner.

“Today our country is going through a grave political crisis,” the military men started.

We have observed an “irresponsible, unforeseeable governance that has resulted in the steady degradation of social cohesion which risks leading the country to chaos […] we have decided to defend peace by putting an end to the regime in power,” the armed men said.

The electoral commission said Bongo had won just under two-thirds of the votes in an election the opposition argued was fraudulent.

His overthrow would end his family’s 53-year hold on power in Gabon.

Gabon’s government announced a nationwide curfew and cut off internet access Saturday ( evening as voting in major national elections was wrapping up.

The announcement came after voters cast ballots on that same day to elect new local leaders, national legislators and Gabon’s next president.

-“We call on the people, the communities of brotherly nations that reside in Gabon as well as the Gabonese diaposra to remain calm and serene.”

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