Airtel Kenya to invest Sh21.5bn in grid growth

Airtel Kenya will spend at least Sh21.5 billion over the next three years to expand its network coverage through, among other initiatives, setting up an extra 649 new network sites across the country.

The telco’s CEO Ashish Malhotra said that the firm has to date rolled out over Sh 143.3 billion at current exchange rates worth of investments in the country since inception, adding that the bulk of it has happened in the last three years.

Airtel had in June spelt out the plan to advance its network infrastructure in renewed aggression to tap into a larger part of the market share, saying at the time that it would put up a total of 349 network sites before the close of the year, with an additional 300 sites in the pipeline as part of efforts aimed at addressing connectivity handicaps that have for long encumbered its users.

“$150 million is what we require for incremental investments in the coming two to three years from a network perspective alone. But that’s not the only investment that we will make, there are others happening in regard to building more shops, bringing more affordable routers and so on,” said Malhotra.

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