EPRA to review fuel prices today

President Ruto to drop fuel subsidy

The energy and regulatory authority is this afternoon expected to review fuel prices that will be in force until August 14.

Kenyans are eagerly waiting to see the outcome of the fuel price review after the High Court suspended all taxation contained in the Finance Act, 2023.

The court decision effectively barred Epra from doubling the VAT on fuel to 16 per cent.

Prices of fuel rose to Sh 195.53 and Sh 179.67 per litre of super and diesel respectively in Nairobi from July 1, during the last review.

The court’s decision has since thrown oil marketers into a spin with some opting to retain VAT on fuel at eight percent amid fears they will be sued for implementing a tax declared illegal.

Petitioners who successfully sought suspension of the Finance Act, 2023 have additionally asked the court to punish Epra for contempt.

“People do not want to end up in court, that is why some have retained VAT at eight percent but others have doubled it. We are caught in between because someone can take you to court using the receipt you issued,” said an oil marketer who sought anonymity.

Petitioners led by Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah say there was no concurrence of both Speakers of the National Assembly and Senate on matters relating to counties and that the tabling of the Finance Bill was done without following due process.

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