Mudavadi: Pastors need extra skills to generate more income

Prime Cabinet Secretary, Musalia Mudavadi has challenged pastors to find an extra skill that would generate income aside from their pastoral duties.

Mudavadi has said that people world over are experiencing an unprecedented tough economy occasioned by low salary cuts or worse, job losses.

“My fellow Quakers, we have a crisis of unemployment. There are about 7 million young men and women (who are) capable, able, schooled but we have a crisis. We have to figure out what we shall do as a collective to sort out some of these problems.’ Mudavadi said.

While Speaking at Kabarak University in Nakuru during the 2023 World Conference of Friends Church, The prime CS added that by having an extra skill, pastors will not just pass the word of God but will be an extension officer on matters of economy.

“ I may not know the full curricular at the Friends Theological College, for instance, but I think, as Quakers, we may need to double up the theological component with one or two other skills so that the pastor or preacher will not just pass the word of God but will be an extension officer on matters of economy and skilling the congregation that they go to,” Mudavadi added

The ANC party leader also underscored that the church plays a critical role in society and should be a reflection of the country in terms of stability and prosperity in all spheres of life.

He made the remarks, even as he cautioned Kenyans to be on the lookout over rising cases of false prophets and preachers, whom many innocent people have fallen victim to.

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