400 still missing in Malawi after the storm Freddy

Malawi’s Department of Disaster Management Affairs  says the number of people who are still missing following Storm Freddy has risen from 349 to 427.

The Disaster Management Affairs On Monday said it received rapid assessment reports from 15 affected regions in the country.

“As of Monday, 20th March 2023, the number of displaced people is at 508,244. The death toll has risen from 476 to 499, with 1,332 injuries,” said DoDMA.

Malawi’s government has set up over 500 camps across the country’s southern region, where up to 10 districts have been affected.

 countries like the UK, Tanzania and Zambia have sent teams to help in rescue operations.

The storm struck Mozambique and Malawi last week for the second time in a month, destroying scores of homes and triggering widespread floods.

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