Flower farmers decry the new water tariffs

Kenyan Flower Farm[Photo: Kenyan Enterprise]

The Kenya Flower Council has warned of looming job cuts in flower farms.

This follows the government’s decision to increase water tariffs by more than 400 percent.

According to the council, increasing the tariffs from 5 cent to 2 shillings 50 cents per unit would have a major impact on the farmers who were heavy users of water.

In January, the government gazetted the Water Resources Regulations of 2021, which seeks to increase water tariffs for all consumers.

“Flower farmers are heavy water users and the new tariffs will definitely affect production at a time when the sector is facing tens of challenges,” said council CEO Clement Tulezi.

Tulezi further said the high cost of electricity; fertiliser, labour, water and airfreight have pushed up production costs in the floriculture sector.

“The sector employs over 200,000 workers directly and the new taxes coupled with the rising cost of fuel will definitely lead to job losses,” he warned.

The Kenya Flower Council further noted that the new tariffs are untenable mainly to small-scale flower farmers already struggling with the high production costs.

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