Airtel to roll out it’s 5G network

Airtel has announced plans to  roll out its 5G network in select  neighborhoods in the country, coming at a time when telcos are racing against time to offer this service.

“I still believe that 5G is good in the medium term. In the short-term, our focus will continue to be on expanding our 4G footprint, and selectively launching 5G to capture opportunities in high-income neighborhoods,” Airtel Africa CEO said recently.

The target demographic is known to possess compatible smartphones, as well as purchasing power.

Faster than 4G network, clients will be able to download, stream videos as well as play video at neck break speeds.

However, adoption of 5G faces hurdles due to the high cost of 5G enabled handsets as well as data. For instance, 5G handsets goes for about Sh40,000 and above,

Last year, Safaricom rolled out 5G networks in five counties, enabling customers to access faster internet speeds.

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