Horticulture earnings drop by five percent

Flower Farm [Photo: Kenyan Enterprise]

Data from the Central Bank of Kenya shows that Kenya’s horticulture earnings fell to the highest level in more than two years in September 2022.

The earnings dropped five percent to 8.8 billion shillings down from 9.3 billion shillings in August.

It is the lowest returns from exports of the three commodities since September 2020 when Kenya earned 8.5 billion shillings from horticulture exports.

This is the fourth consecutive monthly drop in earnings from fruits, vegetables, and flowers exports, and comes despite an increase in the quantity of the exports.

As the earnings dropped 5 percent, the quantity exported went up by 5.5 per cent to 41,592 tonnes up from 39,406 tonnes in August.

Meanwhile, the quantity of exported cut flowers grew to 8,881 tonnes from 8,618 tonnes, with earnings growing to KES 3.7 billion, up from 3.5 billion shillings.

The quantity of fresh exported vegetables increased to 17,222 tonnes from 14,616 tonnes, with the earnings marked at 1.9 billion shillings down from 2.1 billion shillings.

The government from horticulture earnings is a big blow, noting that it is now eyeing more markets, such as Far East Asia and the Arabian Gulf, to cut reliance on the European market.

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