Emmissions from Fossil fuels to hit all time high this year

The Global Carbon Budget report, released today during the United Nations COP27 climate summit, says Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels are the main driver of climate change.

According to scientists, the emissions are on track to rise one percent in 2022 to reach an all-time high.

The report has also laid bare the gap between the promises governments, companies and investors have made to cut planet-warming emissions in future years, and their actions.

The new report now proves how difficult it will be to reduce emissions fast enough to meet the Paris Agreement signed in 2015.

It is estimated that emissions from oil, fueled by the rebound in aviation after the COVID-19 pandemic, will probably rise more than two percent compared with last year while emissions from coal will hit a new record.

Heating beyond that threshold, scientists warn, risks triggering dangerous tipping points in the climate system.

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