NCCK hosts the Sudan Council of Churches

SCC Secretary General Abdalla Ali & NCCK Secretary General Chris Kinyanjui [ Photo: NCCK]

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) on Monday hosted over 20 senior church leaders from the Sudan Council of Churches who were in the country on a learning exchange visit.

According to NCCK Secretary General Chris Kinyanjui Kamau, the visit was part of the ongoing process of institutional strengthening of the Sudan Council of Churches (SCC).

“The NCCK was established in 1913 and has over the years contributed to the history of Kenya through programmes in governance, peace and security, education and health sectors”, said Rev Kinyanjui.

During the visit, the Sudanese delegation visited different NCCK operational sites including Jumuia Hospitals, Ufungamano House and Jumuia Place.

The Sudan Council of Churches (SCC) Secretary General Abdalla Ali Kori noted that they learnt a lot through the work that NCCK has done in Kenya.

“In this short visit, we have learnt a lot and we keep praying for God to give you more strength and grace to continue with this work. The work that NCCK has done in Kenya can be seen across the world,” said Kori.

The Sudanese delegation was accompanied by representatives from the World Council of Churches (WCC), the Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa (FECCLAHA), and the All African Congress of Churches (AACC).

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