Nine Killed by gunmen in a Somali hotel

Nine people were confirmed dead following a jihadist attack in a hotel in southern Somalia, as 50 more were injured.

This is as three attackers were killed by the security forces while they were shooting people at random in Kismayo area.

The fourth attacker died when he blew up his car at the entrance to the hotel.

Journalists were prevented from getting close to the scene of the attack, however a phone footage shared on social media showed ambulances collecting the wounded from outside the hotel.

Security forces say, the al Qaeda-linked al-Shabab militant group carried out the attack.

The group opposes the Mogadishu-based federal government, which it perceives as a puppet of foreign governments.

It also opposes the presence of foreign troops in Somalia.

This comes as reports indicates that the Al-Shabab regularly carries out attacks in the Horn of Africa nation, with many of the group’s attacks targeting popular hotels.

The Somali attack comes as Kismayo had been relatively peaceful since the jihadis were driven out in 2012.

Federal troops backed by African Union-backed forces and local clan militia have in recent weeks retaken huge territories from al-Shabab, but the group remains deadly.

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