FIA finds Red Bull team guilty of overspending on their car

Red Bull have been found guilty of breaking Formula 1’s budget cap by the sport’s governing body, the FIA.

Red Bull exceeded the $145m limit during 2021, the FIA said, adding that the offence was “minor”, the lower of the two categories of breach.

This means the team exceeded the cap by less than 5%, or $7.25m.

Both Red Bull and Aston Martin were also found guilty of a procedural breach of the cap.

The FIA did not reveal the amount by which Red Bull exceeded the cap, how it had done so, or what penalties would be applied.

Red Bull said in a statement that they noted the FIA’s findings “with surprise and disappointment.

Potential penalties for a ‘minor’ breach include, a reprimand, deduction of drivers’ and/or constructors’ championship points for the season in question.

FIA could also direct suspension from one or more stages of a competition slap a limit on aerodynamic or other testing and a reduction of the team’s cost cap.

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