Hamilton digs in on F1 after car overspending claims

Lewis Hamilton claims the integrity of Formula One will be lost if the FIA fail to punish any breaches of the sport’s cost-cap.

The issue of spending regulations – set at £114million for 2021 and applies to car developments and performance ability .

The issue has been the talk of the paddock since reports in Italy last week alleged Red Bull may have overspent, something they strongly denied.

An announcement on the accounts was due on Wednesday but has been delayed until Monday by the FIA.

Hamilton is adamant that any breach over £114m cannot go unpunished if the sport is to continue to be viewed as open, honest and trustworthy.

“I would like to think that if it’s been delayed it’s because it’s been taken very seriously and I trust that Mohammed (bin Sulayem) is taking it seriously and will do what is right for the sport,” he added.

Hamilton deliberately didn’t name Red Bull in his early morning press conference amid the ongoing budget cap circus but is under no illusions of how much his title rival from last year were spending on upgrades last season.

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