DRC to hold a funeral for Anti-UN protest victims

The funeral for protesters killed during an anti-UN protest in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is set to take place today.

It comes four days after a tribute ceremony was held for UN workers who also died during the demonstrations.

Last week protests erupted in the city of Goma, as civilians accused the UN peacekeeping mission – Monusco, of failing in their mission to combat armed groups.

Most of those killed were under the age of 30, with the youngest being an 11-year-old child.

Meanwhile, some protesters say the demonstrations will continue until Monusco leaves the region.

Monusco has been operating in Eastern DR Congo for more than a decade and is the second-largest peacekeeping mission in the world.

However, some locals say its presence has brought no peace, and they would rather find solutions to the country’s problems on their own.

DRC’s ministry for communication now says according to an agreement with the UN, a progressive et phased withdrawal of Monusco should take place by 2024.

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