Blasts in Afghan kill 6 and wound 11 others

11 wounded in IED attack in Afghan

Two blasts have hit a boys’ school in Afghanistan killing at least 6 people as reported by a Kabul spokesperson, Khalid Zadran.

Moreover an Improvised explosive device blast outside the Abdul Rahim Shahid high school in western Kabul, has also wounded 11 others.

According to the police spokesperson Khalid Zadran, the area is mainly targeted by ISIL.

These blasts occurred as the students were leaving their morning classes.

Although authorities are yet to confirm the exact numbers of those killed and wounded, a nearby hospital claims the number is higher than reported.

Though there is no immediate claim of responsibility, Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers say they have secured the country since taking power in August.

Many of the attacks in the past several months have been claimed by ISIL.

In May last year at least 85 people – mainly girl students – were killed and about 300 were wounded when three bombs exploded near their school in Dasht-e-Barchi.

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