EPRA to punish oil marketers for increasing their exports

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority now says the ongoing fuel shortage has been caused by some oil marketers who have increased their export of fuel and suppressed the local market.

In a letter to the Energy ministry, EPRA indicated that they will reduce the capacity share for all OMCs who raised their export volumes across the next three import cycles and a corresponding increase to reward marketers whose local volume sales increased.

The statement by EPRA comes even as motorists continue to queue for fuel across the country .

Reports say that some of the oil marketers have continued to hoard the petroleum products in anticipation of higher pump prices in two days time. 

Speaking in the national assembly  where there was a heated debate on the scarcity of fuel in retail, leader of majority Amos Kimunya warned the oil marketers adding that they will be in for a surprise during the fuel prices review mid this month.

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