168 people go missing in Nigeria, after a train attack

Nigeria’s state rail company says some 168 people are missing in the Country after a deadly attack on a busy train last week.

It is not clear how many of the 168 have been kidnapped for ransom – some may have gone home without telling the authorities.

Gunmen blew up a section of track between the capital, Abuja, and the northern city of Kaduna last Monday.

During the ordeal at least eight passengers were killed.

Monday’s attack has not been claimed by any group.

But the governor of Kaduna state suspects it was the work of Boko Haram Islamists teaming up with a kidnapping gang, and said that the rescue operations were underway, while ruling out paying any ransoms.

There were 362 registered passengers on board the train when it was raided, however the Nigerian Railway Corporation has not said whether the 168 people believed to be missing are all customers or if some train staff are among them. It was initially reported there were 970 passengers on board – the reason for the discrepancy is not clear.

Such gangs have become rife in north-west Nigeria, and Kaduna state is considered the epicentre. Earlier this month, there were reports that Kaduna’s airport was attacked.

In the last 24 months in Nigeria alone, armed gangs have killed hundreds of people and forced thousands to flee their homes.

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