Hundreds Flee DR Congo Amid Rebel Attacks

[Photo: UNHCR]

Hundreds of people have been reported to have fled to Uganda from DR Congo following rebel attacks on their homes.

The local government in the Kivu province says M23 fighters stormed Tchanzu and Runyoni villages.

It further notes that a Congolese army base was reportedly attacked.

Eyewitnesses in the province claim there has been fierce fighting between the rebels and government troops.

The M23, which is mainly made up of ethnic Tutsis, used to be a major fighting force in eastern DR Congo, seizing the regional capital Goma in 2012.

It is said to have later engaged in talks with the Congolese government, however claims its demands have never been met.

The UN had previously accused Uganda and Rwanda of supporting the M23 rebels.

Uganda and Rwanda denied the accusations by the U.N which monitors compliance with sanctions and an arms embargo on the Congo.

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