Nigerian students desperately seek help in Ukraine

Nigerian students trapped in Kherson, south of Ukraine say they have been left traumatized after two weeks of sheltering underground, and want their home nation to act swiftly.

7 of the students had fallen sick following the poor conditions below ground and the inability to access food and other essentials.

Speaking to BBC, Jerry Kenny said Some people couldn’t even talk because they are scared.

He adding that the Nigerian government had not “reached out to us in terms of food or water, nothing“.

I’ve spoken to so many representatives, ambassadors and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be evacuated. But we are still stuck here,” he said.

Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffery Onyeama said at the weekend that he was in contact with Nigeria’s ambassadors to Ukraine and Russia, as they engaged the Russian and Indian governments as well as non-governmental organisations to safely evacuate the students trapped in Kherson.

This cry comes as more than 1,400 Nigerians have been evacuated from Ukraine since the Russian invasion began there three weeks ago.

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