Aspiring Muranga Woman rep ask Christians for support

Waithira Kibinda

Murang’a aspiring woman representative Beth Waithera Kibinda says Christians have a great role to play in active politics.

Speaking to Pearl radio, the aspirant who is vying on the Irungu Nyakera-led Farmers party encouraged Christians to support those who intend to become politicians as well as those in leadership positions.

“Pray for your leaders, this is also a challenge that is even in the Bible. God tell us to pray for our leaders, because again they will make decisions about your life,” Kibinda said.

“Support them, financially, emotionally, mentally but most of all operate from a place of prayer. Pray and ask God how else you can support candidates,” she added.

At the same time, Kibinda asked Kenyans to stand up and vote in the coming August 9 election.

The latest opinion poll released by TIFA shows that Waithera Kibinda is the second most preferred candidate in Murang’a.

She is preceded by Waithira Muthirania who leads with an eleven percent popularity.

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