University Staff in Tigray Decry Unpaid Salaries

[Photo: Aljazeera]

University staff at Mekelle University in Ethiopia’s Tigray have decried the lack of salary payments from the federal government for over one year.

This is after war broke out in the region in November 2020 between the government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front fighters.

More than 7,000 staff at the Mekelle University have not received a single pay cheque since the fighting started.

”Although we are a federal institute, the federal government failed to send us the budget money, our children were getting malnourished,” said the staff members.

We walk to work as there is no fuel, and some of our members have been collapsing while on duty,” they further noted.

Meanwhile, the ministry of education says the staff will have to wait for the government to release funds meant for all federal institutions in the Tigray region.

”University staff who fled the region are receiving their salaries and have been posted to other universities. But for those still in Tigray we can do nothing,” said Ethiopia’s State Minister of Education Samuel Kifle.

Authorities in Tigray are blaming the government for the increasing levels of hunger in the region.

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