Apple Halts The Sale of Its Products to Russia

[Photo: NPR]

U.S. tech giant Apple has stopped selling its iPhones and other products to Russia.

This follows Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Tech company says it stands with all of the people affected as a result of the violence.

“We are deeply concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” said Apple in a statement. “We are supporting humanitarian efforts, providing aid for the unfolding refugee crisis, and doing all we can to support our teams in the region.”

The company stopped exporting its products into the country’s sales channel last week, ahead of pausing sales. 

The action followed pleas for Apple to stop selling products in Russia by Ukraine Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, saying the move could help turn Russian youth against the invasion.

Apple says it is also removing the RT News and Sputnik News applications from App Stores outside of Russia.

It will then disabled traffic and live-incident features in Ukraine as a safety and precautionary measure for citizens in the country.

This is not the first time Apple has cut off a country.

It previously halted its sales in Turkey in 2021, due to economic turmoil and currency fluctuation.

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