KAM unveil manufacturing manifesto

Manufacturers  now want to be included in the government to drive the sector’s agenda from within.

They have unveiled the Manufacturing Manifesto 2022-2027, which they hope all those aspiring to form the next government will adopt.

Top on the agenda in the manifesto is the setting up of a Special Delivery Unit on manufacturing.

KAM chief executive Phyllis Wakiaga says, inorder to raise investment in the sector, KAM wants the annual inflation adjustment on excise duty reviewed every five years.  It also wants the government to put in place a National Taxation Policy to enhance certainty and predictability.

It further wants the country to revert the investment deduction allowance to 100 per cent, from 150 per cent to spur county industrial agenda.

KAM Board Director, Mary-Ann Musangi called upon all aspiring political candidates to put in sound Legal and Regulatory frameworks into their development agendas.

The Manifesto highlights key areas, which if looked into, shall drive prosperity and empower citizens economically.

These include macroeconomic issues, raising the export intensity of manufacturing, reducing the regulatory burden, raising investment for industry and providing public goods for manufacturing.

The manifesto also looks to drive counties’ industrial competitiveness, effective and pro-industry taxation structure and fully implementing existing manufacturing-centric policies. 

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