Bible gateway removes new Apostolic reformation bible online

Online bible platform Bible Gateway, has removed the New Apostolic Reformation ‘bible’ known as ‘The Passion Translation .

This is after Bible Gateway examined the Passion Translation Bible and found it not to be an actual Bible translation. 

It says the author Brian Simmon changed thousands of Scriptures by adding or subtracting thousands of words to the original text. 

The author took to Facebook to complain about the move by BibleGateway saying the cancel culture is alive in the church world, and asked his followers to request the site restore the version. 

As Brian Simmons says Jesus commissioned him to rewrite the Bible when Jesus took Simmons into the Library of Heaven. In heaven Jesus showed Simmons a chapter of the Bible which no other man in history has ever been privileged to see, John chapter 22.

Of course there is only 21 chapters in the book of John which has never been changed in almost 2000 years since it has been written.

However, Simmons insists Jesus in heaven promised him another chapter of the Bible which would release more mysteries to the end time Charismatics world wide Church takeover. is a website designed to allow easy reading, listening, studying, searching, and sharing of the Bible in many different versions and translations, including EnglishFrenchSpanish, and other languages.

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