Business reprieve as CJ Koome gazettes 20 new adjudicators

A gazetting of 20 new adjudicators by Chief Justice Martha Koome, will see faster settlement of disputes valued at 1 million Sh and less.

Judicial officers have been gazetted as adjudicators for small claims courts which have since been devolved to other regions outside Nairobi.

This is in accordance with the Small Claims Act which was passed in 2016 and was not until April last year, enacted in Nairobi County.

However, this implementation saw a total of 1,222 cases registered and 481 cases heard and determined.

“…as Adjudicators in any proceedings under the Act, at the established courts named in the second column of the Schedule, for a period of twelve (12) months, with effect from the 3rd January, 2022,” the notice stated.

The Small Claims Act was passed in 2016 and it was not until April last year that the court got its first station in Nairobi County after gazettement and official launch.

“The Small Claims Court at Milimani which has been in operation since April 26, 2021 is a reflection of the impact the court will have in the overall administration of justice. For the period the court has been in operation, a total of 1,222 cases have been registered and 481 cases heard and determined,” Justice Koome said in July last year when she swore in two adjudicators.

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