Libya To Postpone its Presidential Polls

Head of Libya’s national elections commission Imad al-Sayeh [Photo: Al Jazeera]

Libyan Electoral Commission has called for the country’s first presidential elections due to take place on Friday to be postponed for a month.

It proposed the new date of 24th of January 2022, after liaising with parliament.

This is after a parliamentary committee had earlier said that it would be impossible to hold elections on Friday.

Among the considerations, the commission cited inadequate electoral laws regarding the role of the judiciary in electoral appeals and disputes.

“After consultation with parliament, the High Electoral Commission proposes to postpone the first round of the election to January 24, 2022. The parliament will adopt the necessary measures to remove the obstacles to the electoral process,” announced the commission in a statement.

“The appeals phase was a dangerous turning point for the electoral process. It was in fact the point where all efforts to bring this historic deadline to a successful conclusion came to a halt due to considerations beyond the control of those in charge of the process,” read part of the statement.

This comes as the run-up to the poll has been marred by disputes over the eligibility of candidates and growing security fears.

Western Countries have expressed disappointment, saying the had hoped the election will see efforts to achieve peace and democracy in Libya.

According to US ambassador to Libya Richard Norland, the US shared the disappointment of Libyans who wanted to vote.

“Libyan leaders should expeditiously address all legal and political obstacles to hold elections, including finalizing the list of presidential candidates.”

The country has been in turmoil since long-serving ruler Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown and killed in 2011.

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