Floods in Malaysia Kill 14

Volunteers rescue stranded flood victims in Malaysia. [Photo: Reuters]

At least 14 people have died and thousands displaced following floods in Malaysia.

Three days of massive rain over the weekend caused severe flooding in eight states, partially submerging towns and villages in water.

Several people also have been reported as missing, and fears are mounting that the death toll will rise sharply.

This has seen the government face fierce criticism over its delayed response.

Opposition lawmaker Charles Santiago, from one of the worst-hit areas in Klang, called the state’s response “highly inadequate” and “weak”.

Non-Governmental organizations also say they are looking out for a possible surge in Covid-19 cases, as thousands of people have gathered in temporary shelters.

Floods in Malaysia are common between the months of October and March, especially on the country’s eastern coast.

The downpour that started on Friday morning and continued into Saturday hit worst in the western state of Selangor surrounding the capital Kuala Lumpur.

Officials at the country’s largest harbour – Port Klang, say shipping operations were severely disrupted by the floods.

Dozens of highways and roads were also closed.

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