South Sudan Receives More Doses of Covid-19 Vaccines

[Photo: The East African]

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that South Sudan has received more than half a million doses of Covid-19 vaccines.

WHO says some were manufactured by Oxford AstraZeneca however most are from Johnson and Johnson.

It further notes that the donations to South Sudan have mainly come from the Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access initiative (COVAX) and the US government. 

As a result of these donations, nearly 180,000 South Sudanese out of a population of at least 11 million have been fully vaccinated.

However almost half the doses have not yet been used as more doses are expected in the country.

WHO’s Covax Coordinator in South Sudan Brendan Dineen says they continue to request more people be vaccinated.

We have a lot of vaccine in our hands and by the end of this year or sometime in January, we will have approximately one million doses, we urging more persons to receive the available jabs” said Dineen.

The government says the Covid-19 nationwide vaccination that started this year through to the end of 2022, will see South Sudan vaccinate 40 per cent of its population, as outlined in the country’s COVID-19 National Deployment and Vaccination Plan.

The country’s Ministry of Health however says while COVID-19 vaccinations are important a continued adherence to preventive measures to avoid further spreading of the virus remains crucial.

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