Book review: Fifty reasons why Jesus came to die by John Piper

I was first introduced to this book by my brother who loves reading and is passionate about the things of Christ. Well at that point I was really struggling with my faith and decided why not give it a try and learn from it maybe it will answer my questions. I decided to do a reason a day and trust me it’s been a lovely journey though it’s been more than 50 days.

Come to think of it how many reasons can you list down of why Jesus came to die, leave alone 5this book by John Piper explains 50 reasons why Christ died in the simplest way possible that anyone could understand. Reading this book has given me different insights into the Gospel because I keep on rereading it and gaining new things daily.

We normally celebrate the Easter Holiday but do we normally understand what Christ’s death means. Good Friday comes and goes and so does Easter Monday but have you ever asked yourself what this really means to you? What does Christ’s death mean to you?

John Piper is a theologian, pastor, and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minneapolis. Piper is also the founder and senior teacher of, named for his book ‘Desiring God, and has written a number of award-winning books.

I highly believe that this book is for the believers who desire to grow deeper in their salvation. I would recommend this book to anyone because this book has really given me a different insight about Christ and has also made me realize the importance of the cross in my life.

One of the reasons that really stood out for me was the first one that He came to absorb the wrath of God because thinking of it, I couldn’t bear His wrath yet Christ was a substitute for me. Isn’t it amazing? The reasons actually relate and you will feel the flow as you read one by one.

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