US President Biden Calls on the Sudan military to restore civilian rule

US Head of States Biden[Photo: Al Mayadeen]

United States President Joe Biden has urged the Sudanese military leaders to immediately restore civilian rule and release all political detainees.

He also called for an end to violence against demonstrators, who have continued to take to the streets against the Monday coup.

Our message to Sudan’s military authorities is overwhelming and clear: the Sudanese people must be allowed to protest peacefully and the civilian-led transitional government must be restored,” said Biden in a statement.

The US president says the recent events are a grave setback for the country.

He joins the global condemnation by the Arab League and European Union, against the military takeover in Sudan.

Leaders and organizations from around the world, including the African Union, Arab League, European Union, International Monetary Fund, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and World Bank have come together to condemn the military takeover in Sudan and violence against peaceful demonstrators.”

Earlier this week, the UN Security Council also called on the military authorities in Sudan to return the civilian transitional government to leadership.

This came as the number of those who have been killed in the demonstrations rose to 11.

The coup threatens to halt Sudan’s fitful transition to democracy, which began after the 2019 ouster of long-time ruler Omar al-Bashir.

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