Over 100,000 Health Workers Have Succumbed to Covid-19 Complications

More than 100,000 healthcare workers have succumbed to Covid-19 complications since the beginning of the pandemic.

Data from 119 countries shows that by 2nd of September this year, 2 in 5 health care workers were vaccinated on average with considerable difference across regions and economic groupings.

According to the World Health Organization the situation is worse in Africa where one in 10 are vaccinated and many are working without adequate protective equipment.

In wealthy countries, staff are burnt out, with 10 percent expected to leave the profession.

WHO Health Workforce Department Director, Jim Campbell says that it is a moral obligation of member state governments and stakeholders to protect all health care workers ensure and their rights and provide them with decent work in safe enabling practice environment.

Beyond Vaccines, economic recovery, and all new investments in emergency preparedness and response must prioritize the education and employment of healthcare workers,” said Campbell.

WHO says it is currently looking to develop a global healthcare worker compact, based on existing legal instruments, conventions and resolutions.

The compact will provide countries with comprehensive guidance on their existing obligations to protect health and care workers, and promote decent work environments among others.

The guidance will be presented to next year during the 75th World Health Assembly in May.

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