DR Congo’s MPs Summon Defence Minister over Rwanda incursion

Rwandan Army [Photo: All Africa]

DR Congo’s Defence Minister Gilbert Kabanda has been summoned by Members of Parliament to explain how Rwandan troops were able to cross the country’s border.

He is expected to explain the new measures the ministry seeks to put in place to avoid such cases.

This comes after Rwandan troops on Monday Crossed into Congo clashing with DR Congo soldiers near the border.

The Rwandan army said in a statement that its soldiers had been pursuing smugglers and unintentionally crossed into DR Congo.

It said the armies of the two nations maintained good relations.

This comes after Rwanda sent its troops into its much larger neighbor during the in recent years.

In 2018, the Rwandan army said three Congolese soldiers were killed in a fire exchange after attacking an army position in northern Rwanda.

In 2014, it accused the Congolese army of firing a rocket on its territory in western Rwanda, in the border district of Rubavu, while in 2013, Rwanda also accused them of firing over 60 projectiles on Rwandan territory, killing and injuring civilians.

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