Uganda Rejects Request To Reopen International Schools

Ugandan Education Minister Janet Museveni [Photo: The Observer]

Uganda has rejected a request by foreign envoys to reopen international schools before the end of this year.

The envoys say that international students’ academic year will be disrupted if the reopening of schools is pushed back.

Education Minister Janet Museveni says most learners in international schools are day scholars and would easily transmit Covid-19 infections.

We don’t know when to say international schools can reopen. What if the learners catch Covid-19 while going home. How shall we explain that to our community? And there is that misunderstanding anyway that we will reopen international schools but we’ll not reopen our own schools and that is very difficult to explain because we must work by the same principle,” said Janet Museveni.

The minister then advised parents with learners in international schools and members of the diplomatic community, to make use of online collaborative tools.

Uganda closed all learning institutions on 6th of June this year, due to Covid-19 concerns.

However, President Yoweri Museveni now says all universities and other tertiary institutions will reopen on 1st of November, while the remaining learning institutions resume in January 2022.

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